Is this pet still available?

This is our MOST commonly asked question. Short answer; if they’re on our website under our Adoptable Pets, they are available 🙂

We post all of our adoptable rescue pets to our Website, our Facebook and to Petfinder (a rescue search engine) as soon as they become available for adoption, and we update their status regularly, so you never have to wonder who is, or isn’t available.

You can view all of our current ADOPTABLE PETS in any of these places. If the pet is posted, the pet is available.

(If the pet has an approved applicant scheduled for a meet, you will see “Adoption Pending” next to their name. This does not mean that they are certain to be adopted, final approval is always made in person at the meet. If approval is made, we will then remove the pet from our website and post to Facebook that they have been adopted)

Can I come meet this pet?

You are always welcome to come and see pets at one of our adoption events but we do not perform same day adoptions. You must complete your adoption application prior to our adoption event (preferably 2-5 days in advance) so that our volunteers have time to screen and contact potential adopters. All applications are reviewed in the order they are received and qualifications are based on best fit for each individual pet. One of our volunteers will contact you if you are selected for a meet with the adoptable pet. We will contact you before the next scheduled adoption event. Final approval is always made in person at your scheduled meet.

I want to Adopt a pet, what is the process?

The first step is to complete our online Adoption Application, located under the Adoption Center tab. After completing the application, please read the information provided under Our Adoption Process tab to learn more about what to expect next.

I completed an application, how do I find out if I was approved?

All applications are reviewed in the order they are received and qualifications are based on best fit for each individual pet. One of our volunteers will contact you if you are selected for a meet with the adoptable pet. We will contact you before the next scheduled adoption event. Final approval is always made in person at your scheduled meet. You may also send us a direct email at, or complete a Contact Us form and we will happily give you an update on your application status.

If I submit an application for a pet and it is adopted by someone else, can I apply that application to a different pet?

Although we do not pre-approve applications for you to adopt any pet we have (we select adopters based on best fit for each pet’s needs), we can apply and re-screen your application for another pet. All you have to do is email us and let us know which one you would like to apply your application to. (If your application was submitted more than 6 months between pets you are interested in or you have had significant changes in your household or Vet, please complete a new application)

What are your adoption fees?

Adult Dog (Over 1 Year) Adoption Fee Starts at $95.00.

Puppy (under 1 year) Adoption Fee Starts at $150.

**These adoption fees may be different for individual pets. Please read the pet’s full bio for more information. You can read their bios under our AVAILABLE PETS tab.

Cat and Kitten Adoption Fee is $35

What kind of vetting do your rescue pets receive prior to adoption?

All of our rescues receive all of their initial vetting upon intake. This includes, but is not limited to, *current vaccines, deworming, flea treatment, **heartworm tested negative, flea and heartworm prevention, microchip, and ***spay/neuter. Once you adopt your pet, you are required to continue proper care and routine wellness.

*Vaccines are done upon intake of all of our dogs. However, when puppies are adopted before they are old enough to have all three rounds of their puppy vaccines, the adopter will return to us to receive their remaining vaccines (typically done at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age).
**If a dog tests positive for heartworm prior to adoption, PPAR will cover the expense of their treatment and it will not effect your adoption fee.
***Spay/neuters are often done after adoption if the puppy is too young for the surgery when adopted. We cover this expense, and it is performed at our local vet. This is included in the puppy adoption fee.

Other treatments and care will be provided on a case by case basis. We strive to ensure that all of our pets are 100% healthy, spay/neutered, and current on all of their preventative care before adoption.

For puppies, adopters will return to us for the administration of their remaining puppy vaccines. Their spay/neuter will be done at one of our approved local vets when they reach the appropriate age. This is all included with their adoption. If you choose to have them done at your own vet, we require that you send us the records of their spay/neuter once it is done. We will not be responsible for any charges if you choose this route. Our vaccine and spay/neuter coverage is only valid if it is done through us/our vet.

Cats will come spay/neutered, current on vaccines, FIV/FeLV tested, dewormed, treated for fleas/ticks, and microchipped.

How do I become a Foster for Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue?

We are always in need of more fosters. Since we don’t have a physical shelter, we rely on foster homes to house our adoptable animals. Please complete our Foster Application to get started. We also made a Foster FAQ tab to answer specific question about fostering 🙂 Visit our Foster tab to learn more about fostering.

How do I become a Volunteer for Peppermint Pig Thrift & Gift?

We need many volunteers to operate our Thrift Store as it is the major source of revenue to fund all of our animal rescue efforts. Please complete our Volunteer Application to get started. Visit our Volunteer tab to learn more about volunteering.

How can I make a cash donation to your rescue?

Your donations are greatly appreciated and much needed; no amount is too small! Please visit our Donate tab to make a secure, tax deductible PayPal donation. You can also mail a check payable to Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue to:

Peppermint Pig Thrift & Gift
8255 Beechmont Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45255

I have gently used items to donate to your Thrift Store, do I just bring them in?

YES! If you would like to donate items for our thrift store, please bring them to our store during store hours. Our thrift store is located at 8255 Beechmont Ave, and we are open Tuesday-Friday from 11:00am-4:30pm and every Saturday from 12:00pm-4:00pm. We accept gently used clothing (all types), household items, books, jewelry, small appliances, furniture in good condition, holiday items.

Items we are unable to accept include: TV’s, large appliances, computer equipment, and mattresses.

I need to rehome a pet, can you take it?

We are often asked by members of our community to provide assistance to animals in need. When we take an animal into our adoption program, we commit to the animal for the rest of its life. The animal must be spayed/neutered, current on vaccines, heartworm tested, dewormed, microchipped and current on all preventatives. On top of these expenses, if we do not have an available foster, boarding expenses also incur.  Please first check Cincinnati Dog Pages for rehoming assistance. After you have exhausted all other options, you may complete an Owner Surrender Request Form. A volunteer will contact you if we are able to help. We are not able to assist with cats at this time.

How do I get a spay/neuter voucher?

Please take note: We have exceeded our spay/neuter voucher budget for this year (2017). We are not able to provide vouchers at this time.

Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue can provide a spay/neuter voucher to those in the community who qualify. We also list free and low cost spay/neuter clinics under our Spay/Neuter tab. Please, check here first before inquiring about a voucher.

The voucher is free to the recipient but Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue is billed $40 for each voucher that is redeemed at a participating vet. 

To get a spay/neuter voucher, please come in person to our Peppermint Pig Thrift and Gift store.

Does Invisible Fence count as having a fully fenced yard?

There is no direct yes or no answer to this, the only way to determine this is if you complete the application so we are able to assess it in its entirety.