We would like to thank you all again for your generous donations and continued support through this trying time. We are extremely grateful for the love and commitment our community has shown for our rescue mission and our efforts to keep it going. Thank you all for your support

We also have an important update for everyone on our moving situation. Through the past few weeks, we have been frantically searching for a new place to call home. However, our efforts have been unsuccessful, due to the very short time frame we had to do it in and lack of options currently available to us.

The new owner of the plaza we currently reside in, has reached out to us to discuss what he could do to help us. We met with him today and he proposed that we stay where we are until we are able to find a place to move, with no rent increase!

We have graciously accepted his offer. So, the July 1st deadline is no longer in effect! We will be on a month-to-month lease until we are able to move. We will use this extra time to continue our search for a new home for our Thrift Store and Animal Rescue (and to BREATHE a little with the time restraint no longer an issue!). We will continue to accept donations to help fund our move and rescue mission.

We also want to extend a huge THANK YOU to our landlord for his leniency and generosity. We are eternally grateful for his understanding of the importance our Thrift Store has in our ability to help so many animals in our community. The pressure this situation has put on us has been relieved immensely, and we will not soon forget this amazing gesture of kindness.



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