We Are Running Out Of Time!


It has been a little over a year since we first announced that we had to find a new location due to new ownership of the building we’ve been in for over 12 years. The search has been ongoing, but unsuccessful so far. The owner had told us that we could stay until we found a new place, however, now he is selling to another company whose plans are to remove the structure entirely and rebuild medical offices in its place before 2019. Our time is quickly running out.

Our success in raising funds to maintain a rescue where we can afford to save and rehabilitate so many animals for the last 12 years has been dependent largely on our location. We have seen other rescue/thrift stores come and go in the Cincinnati area due to lack of donations and/or shoppers. For this reason, we would really prefer to stay near the area we are in. The animals we rescue depend on the proceeds from our Thrift Store and some of our dedicated volunteers, who have made it possible to run our Thrift Store for 12+ years, are not able to travel much farther. We know that this greatly reduces our options, but we are trying to look at our future success as a rescue.

We thought we had a building secured at one point last year, but it ended up being more than we could afford. All of the donations we have received for the move have been kept in a separate bank account to use for this purpose and we are still accepting donations. The building we thought we had last year could still be an option if we receive enough support to make a down payment to purchase, so we are still accepting donations in hopes that we will be able to raise enough for this place or another one nearby.

We understand this is a lot to ask of our supporters, but we know that our supporters know how hard we work to save as many lives as possible and want it to be possible for us to continue. Each dollar raised brings us that much closer to our dream of purchasing a building and continuing to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for abandoned, neglected, and abused animals along with providing a community based shopping experience full of good deals and unique items without the fear of losing everything due to the risk of our building being sold again.

Thank you all for your continued support of our rescue mission.

Please consider making a donation to our GoFundMe account.

You can also make a secure, tax deductible donation through PayPal.

Or you may come in person to Peppermint Pig Thrift & Gift located at 8255 Beechmont Ave., or send a check to:

Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue
8255 Beechmont Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45255

We are currently awaiting our application to be reveiwed by Facebook to receive donations directly through our Facebook page.

 Photo Courtesy of Brian Steege

Photo Courtesy of Brian Steege