Peppermint Pig Thrift & Gift has been operating successfully for over ELEVEN years. We have always been 100% non-profit and 100% volunteer operated. The store’s revenue provides most of the money needed for all of the medical expenses, rent, electric, and other operating expenses, and the rest is made up from our supporter’s’ donations. All of our volunteers and board members are unpaid, we all dedicate our time to the rescue and store for free. Our store’s sole purpose is to help fund Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue. The thrift store is our main source of income that provides the much needed funds for us to be able to rescue, rehabilitate, vaccinate, rehome, and spay/neuter HUNDREDS of dogs and cats every year.
Now, WE NEED YOUR HELP more than ever! Our store location has recently been sold to a new owner, and under our new landlord, staying here is no longer an option. He has given us until July 1st to vacate, and we are struggling to come up with the funds to move. We are in desperate need of donations, if we lose our store, we lose our ability to help so many animals who need us.
A lot of you have been here supporting us from the very beginning, and some of you have recently joined our mission. But we are all involved in this rescue mission together, and we need all of your support so we can continue helping the animals who need us.
$10, $5, even $1, No amount is too small! Please consider making a donation today! Any amount will do! Our 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the IRS makes all of your donations tax deductible. We also have plenty of FREE ways you can donate!


Click HERE to make a secure PayPal donation or to see our other donation options.
You may also click the “Donate” button at the top of our Facebook page and you will be taken to our donation page on our website.

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