Real Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue

Foster parents…

Real Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue

Foster stories…

PPAR Foster mum, Susan writes:

“Eavesdropping got the us into fostering, over-hearing a conversation about an emergency rescue of a large number of dogs from a kill shelter and our teenager asking, “How can we help?”

We picked Lulu up from the shelter in July of 2013 and never looked back. We have had nine fosters since then and each one has shown us the same thing over and over again: that they can get their joy back. All dogs seem to retreat into themselves to survive a bad time. But with freedom, acceptance, peace and comfort, all seem to find their inner puppy and decide it is o.k. to let their guard down and be happy. Some take longer than others but it seems like the turning point in the dog coincides with the time they are adopted. Seems people are attracted to joyful dogs!

It is so rewarding to watch the ribs disappear, sores fade and tails begin to wag, rowdy playing start and watch dogs that have seen few grassy areas explore woods and chase squirrels. All foster families realize that we get far more back than we give. That is why we keep on saying, ‘Yes, I will take another!'”

PPAR Foster mum, Sarah writes:

“It has been 3 years this past July (2017) that I have been fostering for PPAR. I am currently fostering my 70th dog, and I have been a part of saving hundreds more. I have witnessed miracles, I have cried, and at times I have felt like I died inside, but this is rescue; I have loved more deeply than I ever imagined I could. I have looked into the eyes of the broken, mistreated, and unloved and shown them hope, compassion, and given them life. I have made lifelong friendships with other PPAR volunteers as well as with adopters, and other fosters. I have become part of something bigger than anything I have ever been a part of before. We save lives, we are family, and we do whatever it takes for the animals. This rescue stands apart from all others. The compassion, the care, the quality of the people who are behind everything we do, are nothing short of amazing. What happens within PPAR, and the volunteers who dedicate their time to running the thrift store so that PPAR can operate successfully, is nothing short of amazing.”