In our efforts to help all the pets we can in our community who are in need, we try to supply everyone with all the resources they need. As with any non-profit, our resources are limited, so we can’t take on responsibility for every pet in need. Under this tab, you can find resources for spay/neuter options and education, dog parks, heartworm prevention and education, dog sitters, rehoming assistance, and seemingly endless amounts of other knowledge and resources right here at your finger tips! Just click a link to get started!

SPAY / NEUTER –Information, resources and education about getting your pet spayed or neutered. Low cost and free clinics are listed here.

HEARTWORM DISEASE -Information and education about Heartworm disease and the importance of keeping you dog on prevention.

LOST / FOUND PETS -Lost or found a pet? Click here for information on what you should do.

VETS– Veterinarians we know and trust

OWNER SURRENDER REQUEST FORM  -Run out of options? Fall on hard times? Made a decision you weren’t prepared for? Click here and fill out the form to see if we can help.


CONTACT US -If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on our website, click here to contact us directly.