Other than the opportunity to foster animals in your home, most of our volunteer opportunities occur in our Peppermint Pig Thrift and Gift store during store hours. We are open Wednesday through Friday 11 am to 4:30 pm, Saturday 12 pm to 4 pm and we are CLOSED Sunday and Monday. We need many volunteers to operate our Thrift Store as it is the major source of revenue to fund all of our animal rescue efforts. Bringing in donations to price and sell in the store, running the register, sorting donations, and organizing displays are our primary needs.

Saturdays tend to be our busiest day for shoppers and when we need the most help in our Thrift Store because that is when we bring animals in for adoptions. Help with walking dogs is sometimes an additional need for Saturdays, but our Adoption Team typically handles all of the dog related care.

Long term, we are also looking to recruit teams for fundraising and presentations, and people with special skills for advertising, etc. We depend on volunteers for every aspect of our organization: operating our Thrift Store, fostering rescued animals, transporting rescued animals, taking rescued animals to veterinary appointments, coordinating adoption events, and assisting with administrative work, just to name a few things our volunteers do 🙂 Each of these duties make a HUGE difference in the lives of the animals we rescue!

Volunteer Guidelines and Requirements:

Confidentiality: Volunteers are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information while serving as a volunteer for our organization.

Handling Animals: Volunteers should always handle PPAR animals with love and care. Must be 18 or older.

Be Presentable: All volunteers must dress appropriately for the conditions of their task. Moreover, they are responsible for providing a good image to the community members who interact with PPAR.

Shifts: Volunteers will be asked to serve during specific times of the day and week. If a volunteer is unable to attend, the volunteer should notify PPAR as soon as possible.

Ending Your Service: PPAR recognizes that due to other life circumstances, a volunteer may no longer be able to give time to our organization. Volunteers are not under any contractual obligation to continue to volunteer at PPAR. If a volunteer decides to leave the organization, PPAR encourages notification to have your information removed from our database, Facebook groups, and email.

Feedback: It is encouraged that volunteers provide feedback to us about their experience to ensure the continuous improvement of our organization.

BECOME A PPAR VOLUNTEER: The first step to becoming a volunteer for our thrift store is to complete our Volunteer Application.

**Must be 18 years or older to volunteer or handle animals, if minors are approved for volunteering in our Thrift Store, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.