Charlie’s adopter writes:

“When Charlie chose us in July, 2016, he was the perfect antidote for the recent loss of our two Pugs who died within 21 days of each other. Charlie bounced into our arms and his wet sloppies haven’t stopped since. When PPAR pulled Charlie from a shelter, he walked almost exclusively on his front paws (circus-like) with his butt in the air. The Vet found that Charlie had been shot and removed a number of pellets. Charlie’s foster started him on Dasuquin which we continue and we walk him daily to strengthen his rear legs. He gets gimpy after 1/2-3/4 mile which may be his way of getting carried the rest of the way. The only time that he now does front paw stands is to imitate big dog markings on trees and posts. For a 9/10 yr. old he remains energetic and fun-loving. We are blessed. Thanks, PPAR!”

Thank you for choosing adoption!!