Rosie’s mum writes:

“Our family had been fostering dogs for Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue for about a year when we got the call to foster a tiny, blind teacup poodle that was rescued from a hoarding situation. Given her history, I thought that she would take a while to warm up to people, but she wanted me to know right away that she was ready to be a spoiled little lap poodle. Not even her lack of sight stopped her from following me around and asking for treats at every opportune moment! I think people were intimidated by the care an older dog with her disability might require so she didn’t get as many potential adopters calling in for her. In the meantime, I was falling hard for this special tiny dancer with “little moons for eyes.” And so we decided to officially adopt her. (Or she decided she wanted to stay with us!) She fit right in with our other older chihuahua and poodle and my kids and husband adored her too. She is quiet and ladylike, but will be the first to tell everyone off if there is too much drama going on. She is just a touch sassy and super sweet. We are so happy to have this fluff ball in our lives and we are so glad PPAR was there to rescue her when she and her friends needed help! Rosie and I are forever grateful!”

Thank you for choosing adoption, and for all the wonderful dogs you and your family have helped find forever homes by fostering!!