Roxie’s Mum writes:

After our beloved bull mastiff passed away in October 2017, we adopted Roxie and another dog about 1 month later. Roxie immediately made herself at home and has been napping on our couch or bed (and in our hearts ??) ever since. She and her fur-sister, Wasabi, are buds and, according to a trainer, now a bonded pair.

She loves to give licks and head rubs (especially to the husband), ride with her head out the car window and, if you scratch her head just right, she makes a sweet little whine. Despite several pulled teeth, she makes a rawhide disappear in no time. Roxie also enjoys the occasional cheese coney and scoop of vanilla ice cream (who doesn’t?!)

She’s mostly mellow, except when our cat blocks her path or when other dogs try to steal her and Wasabi’s attention.

She is a wonderful, loving dog and we can’t thank PPAR enough for letting us adopt her!”

Thank you for choosing adoption!!