Sadie and Rambo’s Mum writes:

“My success story started with the adoption of our Sadie, and sadly the death of this special girl. When we adopted Sadie from PPAR, Sarah was her foster mom. She sent us videos and pics every day until we could bring her home. She had the best smile and would lay her head on your lap all the time. We’ve had other dogs, but she was special. Sarah taught us about rescue and selfless giving. When Sadie passed, because of Sadie and what Sarah taught us, we decided to give back. We now foster for a rescue closer to home, but PPAR, Sarah and our Sadie show us every day what success can be. Thank you to all of the fosters who give so selflessly.

Now I have to show the success of Rambo, our other PPAR success. He was raised by Sadie and she showed him how to be a loving leader. He now helps us foster. Thank you so much PPAR and Sarah for the love you gave us through our Rambo. He is paying it forward.”

Rest in Peace, sweet Sadie <3 and a HUGE thank you to the Donohue family, not only for choosing adoption, but for choosing to foster and help save more lives!!