Remember Tommy Chandler, our special needs boy with MegaEsophagus? Well, we just got a wonderful update on this sweet baby!

Tommy’s adopters write:

“We adopted Tommy Chandler (affectionately called Tommy Bahama around here, since he’s such a cool dude) in March.

Four months in, and Tommy is ruling the roost. He starts his days by waking us up (gets out of bed and knocks at the door if we sleep too late) to go outside and bounce around the farm. This kiddo has energy! First one out, and last one to come in for breakfast, he tolerates sitting in his chair until we can chase toys, or keep leaping around the yard. He loves ducks. He loves cuddling his 13 year old bulldog brother. And he loves getting the car muddy before a ride. Peanut butter is still his favorite. He sheds tons since it’s so hot! Our vet says he’s doing wonderful. We’re putting on pounds with supplements and amino acids, and besides sometimes stealing the cat’s food, he is the best behaved boy in the house. He has a custom collar, his own special “dinner” plate, and he had his own bed until he decided ours was better!

As for the humans, Tommy is a joy every day. We love talking to people we meet about his unique condition, and how you should never be afraid to adopt a special needs friend. Dogs teach us so much, and Tommy teaches us every day that there’s no obstacle that can keep you from living your best life. He is an inspiration, and we can’t thank Joyce and the Peppermint Pig team enough for giving us the chance to be his forever home. Without people like you Tommy would have been written off as a lost cause. Instead, he’s part of our home and our heart.

All the Best, and Lots of Love,

Andrea, Sonya, Tommy, and the Pack”