Success Story:: BUFFY! Adopted 2014

Buffy is a very special girl to the Peppermint Pig, and to everyone she meets. Her big squishy face and 130+ pounds of pure love melts hearts where ever she goes.

Buffy came to the Pig after almost 2 years of her being tossed around and returned to kill shelters multiple times. It seemed that she would never find her forever family since none of them lasted more than a few weeks at a time before she was abandoned again. Buffy was rescued from her last owners by a friend of the Pig before being put down. Buffy had never had anyone who loved her enough to teach her how to behave properly, and no one ever wanted to take the time to teach her. She quickly landed a foster home with the Pig, and began to learn what it was like to be a part of a family. With 2 human foster sisters, a foster mom and a dad, and 2 wonderful doggie foster siblings to love her and guide her,

Buffy soon learned her inside manners, along with a ton of other great qualities to help her become the perfect forever pet for some lucky family. All Buffy ever wanted was for someone to show her how to be a part of the family. Nearly 3 months after her foster family took her in, her forever family found her! She is so happy with her new forever mom and dad and her Great Dane brother, Waylon! But most importantly, she will never be abandoned again

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