Success story- FLETCHER-1 yr anniversary

Hi Peppermint Pig!

Today is our first Gotcha Day anniversary with Fletcher!! We love him so much. We can’t tell you enough how perfect an addition to our family he has been. We couldn’t have lucked out on a better dog to bring home. He brings smiles to our faces every day.
Fletch has been on many road trips to Toledo to see our families. He enjoys playing with his fur cousin, Bosley. He is patient with our 2.5 year old nephew who gets a kick out of mimicking his howl and giving him hugs. We say, “What does Fletcher say?” and our nephew responds with, “Ahooooo!”
Fletcher absolutely loves Wags dog park and we take him there as often as we can. He has a great time climbing all over the obstacle course, playing in the pond, and running around with the other dogs.
We were so curious about Fletcher’s breed that we actually had a Wisdom Panel DNA test done on him and crazy enough, he appears to be half Siberian Husky! It certainly explains his howling and sometimes stubborn behavior but we love him anyway.
The attached picture shows Fletcher from day one (top left picture) to the bottom right picture that we took last week after his “spa day” at the groomer’s. He’s so cute, the poor guy has to put up with me taking pictures of him all the time.
He really is the perfect best friend. Thank you so much to Peppermint Pig for allowing us to adopt him. It’s been a wonderful first year with Fletcher and we can’t wait for all of our adventures to come!.
Liz, Cal & Fletcher

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