Success story- SONNY

In April 2013, we saw on the news the Peppermint Pig had rescued several dogs and needed foster help so, we went to the store to ask some questions about it and they told us about Sonny. He had just had his leg amputated due to an infection he had acquired before the Peppermint Pig rescued him and he needed to be picked up at the vet and fostered. We went right away and picked him up and he immediately stole our hearts away. After a few weeks, we knew that we wanted to adopt Sonny .

You wouldn’t even know he is missing a leg because he is so active. He loves to play with our other two dogs Jimmy and Earl who also were adopted from the Peppermint Pig and he loves cats too.  He loves to run around and chase squirrels in our backyard and he loves to go on walks.  Sonny also likes to go to doggie day care. It is hard to image the life Sonny lived before the Peppermint Pig saved him and we are so grateful to them for rescuing Sonny!  He makes everyday brighter because he is always so sweet and full of love.




 Sonny, Jimmy and Earl

Sonny, Jimmy and Earl

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